Beenie Man Performs for Rupual

So I was watching the video below and was thinking about the current controversy with Beenie Man and Shebada! I was thinking to myself Beenie is a real hypocrite. Here we have one of dancehall’s most prolific artist dancing with a know battyman in front of a live studio audience and millions of television viewers, even showing Rupaul dance moves (see video time stamp 9:50) and now he has a problem saying “Shebada” in an add. Now it makes me wonder, is it OK for Beenie to share stage wid a “farrin battyman” but have a problem doing so with his own “local, homegrown batty bwoy”?

The bottom line is Beenie Man has no morals and it shows that for the right amount of money him probably will do anything!

Thats why at the end of the day mi affi rate The Killer. Thats why at the end of the day mi affi sey “Gully”.


Author: mrdhceditor

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